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  • Engagement Rings

  • Diamond Jewelry

  • Fine Timepieces

  • Colored Stone Jewelry

  • Signed Vintage Jewelry

  • Diamond Investment Consulting


Exceptional Service

  • Personalized experience and unparalleled service are the heart of every transaction.


  • I go above and beyond for every customer on every request, continually seeking new ways to deliver beyond expectations and industry standards.


Quality Sourcing 

  • I diligently source the most impeccable options available and I stand behind the quality of every piece that I offer.


  • Timepieces are acquired through highly-vetted distributors, guaranteeing their authenticity.


Ethical Practices 

  • I never sell with inflated margins, always working to bring value to my clients, and build lasting relationships above all else.


  • I work to ensure that all diamonds within my sphere of influence adhere to stringent standards of verifiable origin and are Patriot Act/AML compliant.