Reclamation Reading Room: Sisters Of The Yam


bell hooks is one of the most important academics who has ever written about Black feminism. I’ll be recommending a lot of her books here.


bell hooks addresses the inner well-being of black women and how their development is shaped by the daily assault of institutionalized structures of domination. Tackling such issues as addiction, truth-telling, work, grieving, spirituality, eroticism, reconciliation and forgiveness, community and estrangement from nature, hooks shares numerous strategies for self-recovery that can heal individuals and empower effective struggle against racism, sexism and consumer capitalism.

“I mostly want to remind her of the recipes of healing, and give her my own made-on-the spot remedy for the easing of her pain. I tell her, “Get a pen. Stop crying so you can write this down and start working on it tonight.” My remedy is long. But the last item on the list says: “When you wake up and find yourself living someplace where there is nobody you love and trust, no community, it is time to leave town – to pack up and go (you can even go tonight). And where you need to go is any place where there are arms that can hold you, that will not let you go.”

― bell hooks, Sisters of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery