Sweet Love

sweet love.JPG

Talking to the ladies in my life and one thing that keeps coming up is this need to reclaim our feminine energy. Society is deeply afraid of femininity because its power has no equal. The constant barrage on our autonomy is evidence of this fear. We are fighting for our rights, and our LIVES daily. We can, and will, prevail but it’s exhausting to deal with this every day. Where is our place to be soft? When do we get the time to really enjoy and bask in the fullness of our divinely feminine selves? Honoring femininity looks different for every womxn. For me it’s a hot bath, the flower market on Saturday, and taking some time for little things, like a dab of perfume while I’m headed out the door.

I created this Sweet Love perfume oil to help us indulge during those moments when we are overwhelmed and need some light. The 10ml bottle features rose quartz crystals to usher in compassion and unconditional love. This fragrance is available in the SevenJune Shop.