Reclamation Reading Room: Erotique Noir


When I was writing smut: A Collection of Erotic Notes I specifically was working on memory/fantasy and tried not to read any erotica. This book resurfaced for me after that process. I remembered it from my high school days, seeing it on the shelf at my hairdressers house (Hi Indra!) Reading it as an adult was a revelation since I could relate and have a different connection with some of the stories. Erotic is always interesting because people’s tastes are so varied but having a space for Black Erotica is important and seeing through the prism of black sensuality/sexuality is central to our reclamation of our inner eroticism.


A collective work of art whose time has come. Of lasting value for all lovers of literature and the erotic, this is a glorious, groundbreaking celebration of black sensuality, including works by Alice Walker, Ntozake Shange, and many more.