Reclamation Reading Room: The WW Club


The WW Club use to stand for “Working Women’s Club” and the launch of their zine was one of the early events I attended when I first moved to LA. Phoebe Lovatt is a force (and a good friend.) I’ve met so many great women through her events and introductions. There has been a co-opting of feminism by capitalists everywhere in the last 2 years and it has become very trendy to be “women focused” (we are seeing the extension of this now with the LBGTQIA community.) This attention is a double edge sword. Yes, its past time for more genuine inclusiveness and acceptance/No, no one cares for tokenism and trend.

To widen her scope and move away from the millennial pink “boss babe” aesthetic the WW Club has evolved into "The Working World Club,” now a “leading resource of  ideas, events, and physical and digital tools for independently-minded professionals, seeking to thrive in a new working world.”

This weeks Reclamation Reading Room is the WW Club’s new website and newsletter.