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Don't Throw Away the Crust

My interview with Don’t Throw Away the Crust for The Name Project

Name Project: Zenobia Morrow

April 26, 2016

The Name Project seeks to understand how our names shape our character and the role it plays in our identity.  

Some reflect our cultural backgrounds.  

Others are indicative of our parents’ values, interest and ideologies.  

This week's Name Project features gemologist and Atlanta native Zenobia Morrow.  Zenobia talks about growing up in the South with an unusual sounding name, in a racially homogenous school and how having to deal with that very early in life was "extremely formative."  While these experiences helped to shape her awareness of self, the woman she was named after had a more profound impact on her as a person.  "I think for me being a little black girl raised in the South, Atlanta is a metropolitan city, but it's still in Georgia.  So for me knowing that I had this kind of regal lineage with my name and not only that it was the name of an actual queen but that it was my grandmother's name who was a queen in our family, really struck a chord with me and I guess in ways that I didn't know, shaped my identity."  

We all have a name that subsequently has a story.  Here is Zenobia's name story.

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